Three Steps to Patio Décor Success

With the right home décor, your patio can be a true outdoor living space, expanding a home’s square footage and offering more room to entertain. Here are three tips to follow when decorating a patio.

1. Choose Double-Duty Furniture

Homeowners should look for items like a small bench that serves as a shelf when it’s not needed for seating or a cushy ottoman that provides storage and offers a pop of colorful flair. Additionally, vertical planters can cordon off spaces while adding a touch of greenery.

2. Hang Curtains

Adding flowing drapes to an outdoor space facilitates both fashion and function. Curtains offer shade from the sun, shelter from the elements, and privacy from neighbors.

3. Install Lighting

The right lights add warmth and romance to an outdoor space. Trending choices include tiny, twinkling string lights and hanging Edison-style bulbs for industrial appeal.

Keep these three home décor considerations in mind to create a patio space that’s a true oasis.