Find Out Which Plants Can Survive Pennsylvania Winters

Horticulturists know which plants can survive the snow blizzards and below-freezing temperatures of Pennsylvania winters. These are some of their picks.


One of the most popular landscaping shrubs, this highly-adaptable greenery works well for hedges, topiaries and are deer resistant. The American and English Boxwoods are particularly well-suited for cold weather and with some protection from the wind, this will help to avoid a condition called winter bronzing.

Evergreen Holly

A gardener may often think of waxy green leaves and bright red berries at the mention of Holly, but this plant is actually quite diverse. From small dwarf varieties to large shrubs and many varieties of leaves and berry colors, horticulturists work with many options. Evergreen varieties will add a splash of green during a dreary winter.


The large green leaves on rhododendrons will make a dramatic statement in a garden year-round. Plus, the arrival of spring will bring beautiful clusters of colorful blooms. A windbreak or fencing can help protect the plants from harsh winds, and a generous layer of mulch will keep the plants safely hydrated.

With a little bit of pre-planning and an ear to what horticulturists recommend, it is possible to enjoy exquisite gardens in the spring, summer, and fall with plants that make it through the winter. All that glorious color is certainly worth the effort.