Blended Garden

Creating A Blended Garden

What is a blended garden? A blended garden simply put is the integration of fruits, vegetables, and herbs into an existing landscape. By incorporating these plants into your landscape – you can combine the practicality of growing your own food with the visual appeal of traditional flowers and plants.

Whether creating a new bed or planting into an existing bed., when pairing plants into the blended garden, you need to consider a few practical concerns. Be sure to think about the plants needs such as: sunlight requirements, and water and soil needs. Also consider the plants aesthetic qualities too. Like traditional landscape plants, edible plants can add striking texture and color to the landscape. For example – you might try pairing red cone flowers with tomatoes, or yellow zinnias with squash plants, or verbena with purple cabbage. The combinations are truly endless. Once you start thinking about food crops as aesthetically pleasing plants for the landscape, your beautiful landscape can not only be visually inspiring, but also amazingly productive.