Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon Hub Counter

Feeney’s is Now an Amazon Hub Counter

How Does Amazon Hub Counter Work?

Amazon hub is the best alternative for you if you prefer picking up your order at your convenience.

Amazon hubs work almost the same way as any other pickup service except that it is more convenient for you, allowing you to pick-up your favorite things whenever you want and not worry about being away from home while the product is being delivered. Instead of giving your home address, you can go ahead with Feeney’s for an easy pick-up. This is the ideal option for working people who can pick up their things at any time and in a convenient location.

Shipping to a Counter pickup point is easy and secure. After shopping on, customers proceed to checkout and select Feeney’s as the Counter pickup point as their delivery location. As soon as their package arrives at the store, customers receive an e-mail notification with a unique barcode as well as a reminder of Feeney’s address and our business hours. At the store, customers provide the barcode to store staff, who will scan it, retrieve the package, and hand it to the customer. Amazon counter is staff-assisted Amazon pick-up points. This ensures that your product reaches a secure location. All the steps will be followed by the staff. Because of this, the process becomes easier for you. There is a fixed timeframe of 7 days in which you will have to collect the items. Failing to do this will ship the package back and issue you a refund.

Steps to Use Amazon Hub Counter
Step 1: Go to the, select a pickup location, type Feeney’s in the search tab, and save it.

Step 2: Place the required items in your Amazon cart. During checkout, select your delivery address as “Counter”.

Step 3: After completing the above steps, you will receive a confirmation email. You will receive an email with detailed instructions, that are to be done at the time of pick-up by Feeney’s staff.

Step 4: When you receive a notification of delivery, go to Feeney’s and follow the instructions as per the confirmation mail.